Our attorneys ensure successful protection of our clients’ interests in banking disputes. In most cases, we provide assistance in settlement of disputes in court but sometimes we also manage to settle disputes between our clients and banks through non-judicial processes.

As to credit disputes, our attorneys both in Poltava city and Poltava region manage to reduce the amounts claimed by the banks for the recovery. Each judicial case, settlement and loan agreement are unique but we use the following set of methods that allows efficient protection of our clients’ interests in banking disputes:

  1. Disputing loan agreements and their terms (banks used to include illegal and unfair terms in their loan agreement, which might be the ground for dispute);
  2. Application of the limitations statutes;
  3. Justified arguments with respect to debt amount calculation and counter-calculation (quite often banks intentionally or unintentionally submit incorrect debt amount calculation to court).

In case of banking disputes, timely consultation with professional attorney (most preferably immediately after receiving  the copy of statement of claim in case of judicial process) is one of prerequisites for efficient protection of your interests.

Банковские споры в Полтаве