We cannot help our clients avoid family disputes but, if they occur, you will definitrly need the  attorneys’ assistance in Poltava city in most cases.

At first sight, family law is a relatively easy area of law. However, it is very complex and any professional lawyer can tell you about great number of its different aspects. As they say, devil is in details, especially when it concerns division of property.

Knowledge of legislation, law enforcement practice and the experience obtained during long-lasting work allow efficient protection of our client’s interests in family disputes.

Basic family disputes are as follows:

  1. Property separation;
  2. Recovery of alimony payments ( increase/decrease of alimony amounts);
  3. Examination/challenging of paternity;
  4. Determination of of child’s place of residence;
  5. Grating permission for exiting Ukraine to the citizen under 16 years without consent and accompanying of the second parent (for instance, if father of the child doesn’t provide notarized consent for such an exit);
Preparation of compelling evidences, knowledge of legislation and vast practical experience allow our attorneys in Poltava city to protect interests of our clients in family disputes.
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